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July 21, 2009


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I'm starting this column as a news, since there seems to be only so many individuals creating flash games of specific features for people that are yet quite interested to see games of that particular nature - tickling games - more specifically : flash based tickling games.

All in good fun. (...and hopefully profit, someday)

I'm one of those people who would like to see more of these type of games to either hit the market or just simply be available.

Having said that, I have started a experimental project regarding this very matter and my goal is to create, with the aid of this community,
a variety of tickling games which would, if successful, fill this void
(or at least touch some part of it).

You are more that welcome to visit at site, to check on the progress,
to leave comment or a crit, or to give your idea and input of the tickling flash game of your dreams.

Here is the link to the first test-demo out of one example game:…

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Rockauthor Jun 30, 2011
This is like Tickle Me Elmo for grown-ups. I'm very interested in learning more about this kind of art. Any suggestions or software for those like me who can't draw but enjoy tickling women and want to see and make tickling 3-D animation?
wat is the software you used to make this?
moonlightfanatic Dec 14, 2009  Hobbyist Filmographer
i think that there should be some nipple and genital tickling, as well as all the other places other than feet...
DeathByYellow Feb 17, 2010
I agree :D
How soon is yoru sleepy soles games ready, I really want to play the full version of it
Make sure you include nylon foot tickling and tortuous and teasing shoe removal.
sheofar Sep 27, 2009
How about a full scale invasion of earth?.You could play as either alien or human.have bios for all the characters,who are a good variety of ages,gender and race.
Have one where you can tickle a guy...
ZhaneAugustine Aug 14, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
some thing cute and innocent might be fun like a pillow fight with the lee, where if you win you get to tickle her or him, and if you lose a secene where they tickle you
CToon Aug 17, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Interesting idea: "a scene where they tickle you" !
Very nice! :)
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